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Realm Tactics-Submit a rvr tactic
Communication by Seviann and Hopwil and Kiltorn
Something you should get used to in RvR is keeping your chat tab at Main. The reason for this is that you need to be able to monitor a few conversations at once. You need to see the chat group conversation, group conversation, alliance conversation and guild conversation in a major RvR battle.

While at the Main tab, to communicate, use the following switches:

/c = chat
/g = group
/gu = guild
/as = alliance (if you have rights)

From each of these chat groups you'll be able to see everything that's going on in RvR and communicate at any chat level. Get into the habit of using the Main tab exclusively while in PvE, then practice in BG1.


1) A good way to get people to hate you is to spam a channel when there is RvR going on. NEVER yell 'help' in the chat channel unless you also give the location that you need help at. Doing a /yell when a guard has aggroed IS fine though.
2) If you happen to spot enemies first, give the approximate number, or number of groups, and the direction that they are coming from.
Bad Ex. 'MIDS INC'
Good Ex. '3FG Mids INC'
Best Ex. '3FG Mids INC NW at M1'


Not a tactic, but a reminder.

You can turn off about all chat in a certain channel. Where MAIN is usually a good idea to watch to get all info. Sometimes you don't need to hear stuff from alliance, or even guild. You can select a tab to just broadcast to you things like chat and group, if that's all you need, which sometime is. If you have hard time watching everything at once. Try out a few at a time, then move up to the MAIN tab.

The other window can be modified also by right clicking on it. A lot of times you will be working with attacks that require you to see what has happened, but cant since it goes by so quick. You can turn off a lot of things like, pulse spells or other players attacks, freeing you up to focus on what it is you are doing.

Battleground Basics by Seviann and Kiltorn
The first RvR experience most people have are in the Battlegrounds (BGs for short). There are three available and they are based on your level as follows:

BG1 - Lvls 20-24
BG2 - Lvls 25-29
BG3 - Lvls 30-35

Each battleground has the same geography. Each realm has it's own portal keep. There is one center keep which is every realms goal to take and hold.

When you first get into any BG, the first thing to do is ask someone, anyone, for an invite into the chat group. If one is not going on, then start one. It's vital that everyone in the BG be able to communicate outside whatever groups are formed.

This brings up the second thing you'll need to do. Get into a group. Any group will do at first. If there are enough Albions around, try to get each group such that you have the following mix:

1) Speed - Ex: Minstrels or Sorcerers
2) Tanks - Ex: Armsman or Mercenary
3) Healer - Ex: Cleric or Friar
4) Stealth - Ex: Infiltrator or Scout

These are the core essentials for a group. Other essentials such as root, mez or other crowd control abilities, plus raw damage or damage over time from such classes as Wizards and Cabalists are also needed, but for the BGs, this the minimum you'll want to try and achieve in a group. Note that some times you'll get this mix, but many times you won't. However, it is important that if one group has 2 Minstrels and another group has no Minstrels but 2 Clerics, it's a good idea to trade off.

Now, some lingo of the BGs:

apk = Albion Portal Keep
hpk = Hibernian Portal Keep
mpk = Midgard Portal Keep
ab = Albion Bridge
mb = Midgard Bridge
hb = Hibernian Bridge
ck = Center Keep
cg = Chat Group

So, now your in a chat group and you have a group. The next thing is to send out the stealthers and figure out where your opponent is. Recon is essential in the BGs (as it is in real RvR). Being an Albion you'll often find the Mids are camping apk and they generally own the ck. This can be frustrating if there are few of you and many of them (often the case). How do you get around this?

The first tactic is to simply charge them. They can't come around your back as they'll die from the uber guards at apk. If you equal their numbers, send your stealth classes around their backs and then sound a charge. Most times you'll wipe them out and be able to move off of apk if the charge was well executed. This is a good tactic to practice as it gives the whole group a chance to work together.

If they outnumber you, the next best thing is to use that speed in the group (if you have it). From apk, look toward the ck off in the distance. Now turn 90 degrees to your right. Move your group off in that direction around the edge of the map. The Mids will have a hard time seeing you move especially if you get them to stand to the left of apk. If you have two groups of Albs, one group should stay at apk to distract the Mids.

Go through some trees and slowly curve to your left. You'll hit a river. Cross the river and take a left. You'll come to the mb (Mid Bridge). The idea is to camp there for a bit. Because of their population advantage, Mids generally feel very safe moving from mpk to mb. Set your groups stealthier up the path toward mpk. One of two things will happen, either a few Mids will come from the ck or a few will come from mpk. When they do come, and they will, have the stealthier alert the group, but don't engage just then. Attack them as a group with the stealthier picking off healers or casters in the back.

When the battle is over, cast one or two heals or rez if needed, then move around the ck counter-clockwise toward the Hibernian bridge, but stop about halfway there. Find a spot that's at the edge of the map and rest up. It's important to move as the Mids have a cg just like you do and they will communicate that Albs are on the loose. However, if you move quickly, they won't know where you are resting. Sit a few minutes. Usually there are not many Hibernians out, so generally you're safe resting in Hibernian territory for a few minutes.

Again, have the stealthier of the group move up to the Hibernian bridge. Set your group up a distance away. If Mids show themselves, attack. If none come after about 1 minute, move toward apk, again going counter-clockwise.

By this time the main Mid force at apk should have gone to investigate your first attack. Now is the time to strike with one group of Albs at apk and your group coming from behind. Coordinate this attack and enjoy the RPs. If the Mids are still too numerous, run back the way you came and repeat the attack on the Mids coming from or going to mpk, but this time use the woods as cover for an ambush. Repeat the hit and run tactics until you are able to split the Mids by apk up enough so that you can take them with whatever Albs you have.

If the Hibernians do show up in the BGs, then there are other tactics to employ, but this post is really to show a tactic to use in a typical BG night where there are generally more Mids than Albs and no Hibs out at all and you want to get off the apk and split the Mids up. I've been in a group which used this tactic and we had great success pushing the Mids all around the battleground.

To summarize:

1. Get in a chat group
2. Get in as balanced a group as you can
3. If outnumbered, use hit and run tactics to split the enemy
4. If equal in number at apk, use charge tactics with stealthier at their backs

Now, get out there and practice up.


There is a slight difference between the cks that should be noted. Each BG has a different 'type' of keep. If memory serves right, BG1 is a Mid type keep, BG2 is Hib type, and BG3 is an Alb type.

Learning how to play in each keep is very important , since each keep has str and weaknesses.

Hib keeps have very high walls, and nothing to hide behind when you are up on the ramparts.

Albs ramparts are lower than the walls and require you to position your self through spaces to be able to shoot or cast from safely.

Mids walls, though they look closely to that of Albs , have the advantage of being able to climb up on top of the walls for a better shot.

RVR Basics - /stick, /face by Seviann and Kiltorn
Here is a very simple thing everyone needs to know when they enter RvR, whether it be the battlegrounds or realms. I'm speaking of course about the /stick and /face command.

After targeting an enemy, the /stick command will keep you on that target within melee distance even if they should move.

Likewise, the /face command will automatically keep you facing the enemy even if they try to get behind you.

One tactic I've used against new opponents to RvR is to target them, use /stick then /face and then my side-to-side strafing buttons. If my opponent hasn't used /stick and /face, then what happens is I strafe in a circle around them and end up at their back. The /face command keeps me always facing them. They therefore can't hit me and are completely confused as to what just happened. If you are up against more experienced RvR opponents, this won't work as they will have used /stick and /face on you already. However, if you are in a 2v1 situation favoring your side, you can both use /stick and /face where one can rotate the enemy so the other can use side or back maneuvers as the enemy will be stuck and facing one of you.

In recent patches Mythic has allowed players to put /stick and /face associated with keyboard commands. This is a huge help. If you haven't done so, make sure you have /stick and /face hot keyed, then practice using these commands in PvE in every encounter. Once it becomes second nature to you, you'll have one less thing to think about in RvR.

One of my favorite things to do as a S/S tank is to Slam/Brutalize someone to stun them, then run through them, hit /sick, then my Backslash attack.
This does three things in my favor:
1. It puts me behind them very quickly. I dont have to worry about hitting my arrow button and rotating around to face them to use Backslash and possibly missing one of the 2 shots i get while they are stunned.
2. Backslash does about the same amount of damage as Diamond Slash, without having to do the Amethyst Slash first. ie to huge attacks quick.
3. They are not facing me anymore. Making them either try to run, I get more Back Slashes in, or they have to rotate to face me, I still get more hits in. (this is of course if they are not smart enough to either /face or /stick me)

Something else that is not used as much, but had to be used back in the day, was a tactic to use against archer classes for shield users.
While running through the frontier and you find an arrow suddenly in your chest, hit Engage , /face, auto-run, sprint, /stick (over and over till you close enough). Archers use to be a very hard class to escape death from, but I found that this tactic was fun to use and caused many archers to rethink shooting me.

Armor by Kiltorn
One of the most useful things you can do is keep your armor as close to your level as possible. Anything higher than yellow is just a waste of money, unless you plan on growing into some orange con armor soon. Never wear anything red or purple that you planned on keeping, it will degrade to fast. Blue con armor should be replaced as soon as possible, if it has some good stats then it may be ok to keep for awhile, but not a whole suit, that will just lower your AF to much. Never ever wear something green or grey, no matter what the stats are. This goes for casters aswell. Trust me, stuff will miss more , allowing you to get another spell off.

When you can, buy player made. For lvls below 15, or even up to 20, store bought is fine. The cap for AF would keep you from using the full potential of player made items.

Quality - 98% and 99% are good. You do not need a 100% set every single time you get new items made. 100% is really just a waste of time and money. You can overcharge a 99% in spellcrafting to get the 100% stats on it, so dont worry.

lvl 35 compared to lvl 50
Having a full set of player made helps out alot for the BGs, especially BG3.
You can max all your stats very easily through SC and in the BG you may want to do this. I have a 33 scout that has one shoted a few lvl 30s. Thats such a good feeling =].
lvl 50 is a different story, even though you get epic armor, 100%, and lots of stats. You will find your self over the cap in many areas, and far below it in others. Save up, save up alot. You will want a full set of 99% crafter 102AF or 51AF armor and pray that you get a few 100% in there as well. As before, you can over charge a 99% to get same stats as the 100% would hold, and the AF is not that much different between the two.

As far as SC armor, when you get to the prime lvls to get fully charged armor, ie 35 and 50, you will need to sit down and do lots of thinking about your character before you start imbueing. Planning ahead of time pays out in the end.

With the proper planning and right equipment, you will be a force to reckon with. So enjoy and happy hunting =].
Items by Seviann
Just to add a little to what Kiltorn said, it's important to also pay attention to a weapon or amor's Condition, Quality and Bonus stats. Each of these effect how well you hit or are not hit in RvR.

In terms of armor, Quality effects the AF of the armor. This in turn effects the damage you take. Condition of armor directly effects the amount of damage you take. According to Mythic:

"Effective AF" is derived from base AF (the number currently displayed on right-click). Every armor item has a base Armor Factor, base AF divided by 2 equals Item Level for everything but Cloth, where AF = Level. But when you're in combat, the base AF is affected by Quality and Condition. Quality affects both the chance the armor will completely absorb the blow, and the amount of damage you take when it does, so the impact of quality "double dips". Condition only affects the damage taken. So "Effective AF" equals Base AF times Quality squared times Condition."

Got that? Good. Now, the enchantment bonus you can put on armor and weapons also effects whether or not you get hit or will hit your target. The bonus on the armor is compared to the bonus on the weapon hitting the armor. The difference either goes for or against you. For example, if you have armor with a 10% bonus and your opponent has a weapon with a 5% bonus, you gain a 5% edge over whether or not your opponent is going to hit you (the 5% becoming a plus factor in a big ol' formula).

On the weapon side the Quality effects how much damage you do, then Condition is factored in after Quality is taken into account. Again, the bonus aids in whether or not you hit.

So if you really want to be at the peak of perfection in RvR, make sure your equipment is at 100% Condition, the best quality you can afford, and always, always enchanted. Plus of course everything Kiltorn said.
Torch off by Seviann and Kiltorn
A small thing often overlooked in RvR is keeping your torch off. Other players can see your toon illuminated when your torch is on. This is mostly seen at night. The most visible part is the face of a toon when the torch is on.

Another reason to turn off the torches was cause enemy guards were more likely to attack you with it on. But now I think it doesnt matter.

(Talking about the patrols, keep guards have always shot on sight)

I know ive got some SS of me /sticking some guards for like 5 mins before I finally attacked them. I was trying to get back home, and just thought it to odd they didnt attack.


AoD holds Crauchon!

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