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Operation: When Telamon Attack
 Operation: When Telamon Attack
Operation: When Telamon Attack
Operation: When Telamon Attack

Operation: When Telamon Attack by Hopwil

It was a dark and stormy night. Three weather-worn wanderers appeared in the small village of Cottswald, right outside of Camelot. When they strode into town, became quickly apparent that not all was what it appeared, for right behind them was a giant Telamon from the wilderness of Lyonesse. However, the trio was not being chased; the giant beast actually conned friendly! The three walked slowly into the town square.

The three wanderers had been engaged on a quest from the church when a devious plan formed in the mind of the one who called himself Hopwil. While wandering through the mountains of the Forest Sauvage, he began to daydream, remembering past cruelties. The people of Cottswald were among the worst, he mused. Back when I was a n00b they did not help me at all, even though I made it apparent that I was a member of the guild Acolytes of Destruction, and I would kill them if they did not. Some invisible force prevented me from attacking them, but I swore that day that I would have my revenge on them, and they would die.

After killing two members of the Templar clan, the trio returned to Fort Sauvage. There was a small congregation of people on a pedestal surrounded by wizards, but they wanted none of that. Instead, they convinced a kindly Theurgist to magically imbue the Telamon's sword with magical powers. Then they made haste for Cottswald before the powers began to fade.

"Mac," Hopwil whispered softly. "When I give the signal, release the Telamon from your charm. I am almost complete with my preparations. Farce, you distract the guards."

After casting a final spell, Hopwil shouted "Now!" for the whole town to hear. The Telamon, released from the charm which befuddled his wits for so long, began to walk slowly back towards Lyonesse from whence it came. The guards, knowing no better, stupidly attacked the formerly gentle giant. It turned on them with a roar.

Knight after knight was slain, all crumpling with one sweep of the magically imbued blade. Hopwil began cackling quietly to himself, and began to see visions of the village of Cottswald burning, burning. He laughed aloud until he saw a sight that made his blood run cold. He gasped and began to edge quietly towards the edge of town. The widely renounced knight Cemmeth Bugwold stepped quietly out of the inn, fully suited in armor, and began a slow walk towards the ferocious beat. Suddenly, he attacked. He traded blow after blow with the Telamon, and Hopwil peeked out around the corner of a building.

The already-weakened Telamon began to gasp for breath, and it's blows became slower and weaker. With one last blow, the Telamon toppled over like a fallen tree and began to sink into the ground. Hopwil, already running away from the village, swore silently. With a primal scream, he yelled "I'll get you one day, Bugwold! You'll pay!"


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