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Ding 50 Antiroleplay! -- Posted by Turk on 04/04/04 at 3:11 PM [Edit]
Antiroleplay dinged 50. Congratulations to Antiroleplay on hitting 50. So make sure to give Antiroleplay a /tell in game wishing her a grats.
Ding 50 Escura! -- Posted by Turk on 03/29/04 at 3:39 PM [Edit]
Escura dinged 50. Congratulations to Escura on hitting 50. So make sure to give Escura a /tell in game wishing her a grats.
Ding 50 Venge! -- Posted by Turk on 03/20/04 at 6:58 AM [Edit]
Venge dinged 50 today. Congratulations to Venge on hitting 50. So make sure to give Venge a /tell in game wishing him a grats.
Ding 50 Piecan! -- Posted by Turk on 03/17/04 at 5:01 PM [Edit]
Piecan dinged 50 today. Congratulations to Piecan on hitting 50. So make sure to give Piecan a /tell in game wishing him a grats.
Guild ML Runs -- Posted by Turk on 03/15/04 at 6:08 PM [Edit]
Ppapa annouced that there will be Guild ML run starting later this week. This is what he had to say:
Starting this week, we will be holding guild ML runs. The trials we will be doing involve mostly the group and solo trial steps. If there are enough people on wanting to do these then some BG steps can be accomplished depending on the size of the group. We will also try to host a formal BG for those Trials also where larger groups are need to accomplish certain steps. One thing I have found out is that if you work ahead and get group and solo trials done, you will be much better prepared when a ML Raid is announced. Most MLs have two or three solo/group trials in them and most raids only deal with the BG trials since doing the other steps would take hours more. Luckily you can do most of these steps ahead of time when this arrises. This is what I've done and in the last three weeks have knocked out MLs 6, 7, and 8. I have other toons with whole MLs done just waiting on a prior ML trial. This is also a great way to cap MLxp. If 3 or 4 people in a group need a step, that person can get half of thier MLxp in one trial so bring other toons that may need it also and come repeat the steps to cap quickly

We will be doing these on Thursday and Friday Nights starting at 8:30pm so please try to arrive on time or at least give a post on when you will be on. That way if we know you need a certain step but will be an hour late we can move to other trials till you get on. If we concentrate on group trials we can know out half of them in a couple weeks

Also depending on location of the trials and size of the group, we can attempt artifacts that may be close to the areas. This is a good way to get credit for the trials and earn MLxp at the same time.
And remember that's eastern standard time Ppapa is on. Just so no one shows up late/early for the fun.
Ding 50 Coldmist! -- Posted by Turk on 03/15/04 at 9:21 AM [Edit]
Coldmist dinged 50 a few days ago (let me know when you guys ding 50). Congratulations to Coldmist on hitting 50. So make sure to give Coldmist a /tell in game wishing him a grats.
Guild RvR Meeting -- Posted by Turk on 03/10/04 at 2:15 AM [Edit]
Ppapa has announced that there will be a Guild RvR meeting on the 14th of this month at 8:30pm est. Here is what he said in his forum post:
Guild RvR Meeting: Sunday 14th of March, 8:30pm Est

This meeting is sololy concerning Guild RvR and will be an open discuss forum dealing with this these topics:

- Who wants to do it?

- Set times for getting together

- Equipment and Tactics

- Communication i.e. Roger Wilco vs. Team Speak

- Group Makeup

- Any Questions, Concerns, and all around general discuss

We didn't even touch on RvR in the guild meeting like I wanted to but since we could have gone on for hours about it, we will hold a separate meeting for it. Also would like to keep the meeting under an hour and a half so we will be done by 10:00 pm Est. Hopefully setting a time will keep us focused on the issues and generate less spam. This meeting will be open to all but dealing primarily with lvl50s. Under lvl50 and you get squashed out there. Those that would like to come and find out whats going on will still be able to participate in the discussion. Yall will be lvl50 soon enough so come join us. Also hopefully being two weeks out will give everyone interested time to think about what they would like to do and see happen and bring it to the meeting. I would like see lots of questions, comments, ideas, and answers.

Also post here any ideas and thoughts you have too. This is a good place to make a note of anything you think of and have it discussed before time. Random ideas are sometimes forgotten later. This is can be used to throw them out there before that happens.
So mark it on your calendar if you are interested in RvR.
AoD weekly Comic Strip -- Posted by Kiltorn on 03/07/04 at 5:13 PM [Edit]
Yea, its up a week after the last one, dont get use to it.
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