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New Section -- Posted by Turk on 02/16/03 at 11:45 PM [Edit]
Thanks to Hopwil we have a new section to the website. I'm calling it Story Time for now and if you have a better name tell me. Story Time is a set of screen shots accompanied with a story.

To kick off the new section we have a story submitted from Hopwil titled Operation: When Telamon Attack. Go check it out.

If you want to submit your own story for Story Time first upload your screen shots via the Screen Shot Upload Page and then send the text of your story to me in an e-mail or post in a forum. As usual if anyone has any questions just send them to me.
New Grab Bag -- Posted by Turk on 02/15/03 at 2:27 AM [Edit]
It's slow news wise again. Everyone please go and check out the KOSH Alliance website. They also have a forum up here and would like us all to go and sign up. So when you get a chance head over there and sign up in their forum.

There was a new Grab Bag posted yesterday at the Herald. Click the Read Full Story link to get yesterdays Grab Bag.
Read Full Story...
New Alliance -- Posted by Turk on 02/11/03 at 8:38 AM [Edit]
Here is what Ppapa had to say about the new Alliance we are in:
To all that were not able to join us last night, we have officially joined with the Knights of the Silver Hand Alliance (KoSH). For those that don't know, KoSH is the largest alliance in Albion on Bors. AoD has grown strong of the last few months and becoming part of KoSH will make us grow even stronger. There are a lot of good guilds in this alliance so make sure you get to know who they are. This should be really good for us so have fun and enjoy the game.
if you want to see who else is in the Alliance check out his page. If you have any questions or comments please head over to this thread in the forum.
Forum Down -- Posted by Turk on 02/10/03 at 9:01 AM [Edit]
I broke the forum trying to install a mod. I'm re uploading the files now. I did make a back up of the database, so nothing will be lost. Shouldn't be long.

**UPDATE** Whew! It's all good now. I'm done messing with the forum for now.
Profile Screen Shots -- Posted by Turk on 02/08/03 at 5:37 AM [Edit]
I don't want to nag. Consider this a friendly reminder. I need screen shots from the following people who have submitted profiles: Jereleth, Hrulfgar, Biggistpun, Gholis Kor, Licinius, and Cydryk. When you guys get a chance just send a pic to me. Or if you can catch me in game just send me a /tell and I'll grab a pic myself. Also if anyone needs or wants to update their picture or any info just send it to me.
New Grab Bag -- Posted by Turk on 02/08/03 at 3:37 AM [Edit]
While I was deleting files I managed to miss the new Grab Bag. Sanya answered questions about the Random Object Generator (ROG) and the funky items it spits out, among others. Here is a little bit from the ROG question:
Q: I found a Random Object Generator (ROG) item that had a stat very useful to my class and a stat that my class never, ever uses. Is this a bug?

A: Nope! Most of the ROG loot is meant to be used by multiple classes. The only "useless" ROG item is one with stats that are completely unusable by the realm that it was found in.
Click the Read Full Story link to read it all.
Read Full Story...
Player Housing -- Posted by Turk on 02/07/03 at 10:32 PM [Edit]
This is the latest official word on player housing from the Herald:
In order to ensure that we have lots of building lots to cover the anticipated enormous demand for houses, we are creating at least one new zone per Realm. This zone will contain a series of small villages of houses, connected by roads, with stables and horse routes to make navigation easier. We've decided to go with the separate housing zone idea to reduce the impact of having houses litter the landscape of the different Realms. We can expand the housing zones based on player demand for housing.
So with any luck it won't be to long and we can all get a house and start decorating. Below is a shot of the new look of housing in DAoC.
Big Thanks -- Posted by Turk on 02/06/03 at 10:57 AM [Edit]
If you click the Guild Info link over in the contents you get a set of php scripts that gives various bits of info on the guild. These wonderful scripts come from Glenfiddich Singlemalt over at the Purple Dragons guild site. Glenfiddich a great guy and a hell of a webmaster has made these scripts and has offered them to all of the DAoC guild webmasters. Free of charge even.

Well I had went over to his forums and signed up and sent him a pm about modifying one of the scripts. I was hoping for some basic pointers at best. My php skills are a big zero. What I got was a more or less handmade script doing just what I wanted. Right there by the headlines. It shows the current RP's and any Keeps we have claimed. Glenfiddich has stopped by in our forums and has a thread here that he started. When you get a chance stop in there and give him some thanks if you feel like it, because the guy deserves it.
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