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Guild Event Tonight -- Posted by Turk on 03/06/04 at 7:37 AM [Edit]
Ppapa mentioned over in the this forum thread that there will be a HoC raid tonight. This is what the Bossman had to say:
We will try to have an HoC raid tonight at 9pm Est. Hopefully enough will come out and jion us. Mostly guild but since we may need a couple groups for this it can be open to others as well. You will need to bring lvl40 toons to survive but if you are lower than that you can still come. Just be warned you may lose some xp on it. We will meet in Sauvage.
And this is a little description of what exactly HoC is if you don't know:
Hoc also has good item drops and excellent money it is a combination of all the dungeons in albland and is connected to the other frontier zones of uppland breifine. It is located by Surs.
So come on out regardless of your level and have a good time with the guild.
Guild Meeting Log -- Posted by Turk on 02/29/04 at 9:41 PM [Edit]
Click the "Read Full Story" link to see the chat log in all it's glory.
Read Full Story...
AoD weekly Comic Strip -- Posted by Kiltorn on 02/29/04 at 7:49 PM [Edit]
Ok, who didnt see this one coming.
Guild Meeting Tonight -- Posted by Turk on 02/29/04 at 9:40 AM [Edit]
Don't forget we have a Guild Meeting tonight at 8:30pm Est. The meeting will be held at the Guild House in Branwyn. If you need to know how to get to the house just look here.
I Ding 50! -- Posted by Turk on 02/27/04 at 9:02 PM [Edit]
I dinged 50. Congratulations to me on hitting 50. So make sure to give me a /tell in game wishing me a grats.
Frontiers updated -- Posted by Kiltorn on 02/23/04 at 11:39 PM [Edit]
If you havent already, head on over to the Frontiers site to catch up on the latest news, the Trasportation section.

This new segment includes a new ingame mapping system to help with locating battles throughout the frontier. Along with different modes of transportation to get there. A definite must read.
Ding 50 Spazzattack! -- Posted by Kiltorn on 02/20/04 at 10:32 PM [Edit]
Spazzattack dinged 50. Congratulations to Spazzattack on hitting 50. So make sure to give her a /tell in game wishing her a grats.
Guild Roster Clean Up -- Posted by Turk on 02/18/04 at 10:50 PM [Edit]
A message from Ppapa:
I will be cleaning up the guild roster coming next week. Basically it involves any toon that has not been logged in the last 365 days I will be auto-removing from the guild. This is in no meant to be a kick out of any member in the guild but just a general clean up. Any toons that where added to the guild stay in the Herald even if that toon was deleted from the user's account. If you have a toon that you haven't played in over a year but still want to keep them in the guild then please log them in over the course of this week and next. The only way I'm going to know if I can remove the toon is by looking at the last log in date on the Herald. If you have a toon removed by accident then just give a send to someone and they will add you back in.
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