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New Grab Bag -- Posted by Turk on 06/14/03 at 1:02 PM [Edit]
The Herald has a new Grab Bag up.
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Woot !!! Percius Hits 50!!! -- Posted by Turk on 06/11/03 at 11:33 PM [Edit]
Percius dinged 50 tonight. You catch him in game you give him a /tell wishing him a big grats. Percius also sent in a screenshot of this special event.
Me and Perc were around the same level for a while. Then he would jump ahead of me, and once or twice I made it a level ahead of him. But here I am level 43 and he's 50. I guess it's my turn to play catch up again. Congrats Perc!
Officers Meeting Monday Night 8:30pm Est -- Posted by Turk on 06/08/03 at 8:26 PM [Edit]
Just to let everyone know Ppapa has announced an officers only meeting. Here is what he had to say:
We will be having an Officers Only Meeting this Monday Night, June 9th at 8:30pm Est. There may also be a follow up meeting this coming weekend depending on how many can't come.
So make sure to attend if you can.
New Grab Bag -- Posted by Turk on 06/06/03 at 9:00 PM [Edit]
The Herald has a new Grab Bag up. Lot's of questions on the /level command so it's a good read for those wondering about it.
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1.62 Patch Notes -- Posted by Turk on 06/03/03 at 11:10 AM [Edit]
It's a big one this time. Click the Read Full Story link to get it all. I guess the biggest news is that /level command is now live. Plus if you take a look at this page over at the Camelot Herald you will see that Albion and Hibernia both will be receiving the /level 30 characters.

I'm way too lazy to read through all this to give you some highlights. But thankfully Kiltorn has a great thread with interesting bits pointed out. Here is one bit I saw at the top of the patch notes in the sever select screen:
Before you can use the new "/level" command you MUST first log into AND out of the game with a level 50 character on your account. After logging in and out, you may begin using the new command.
So all you level 50's makes sure you do that before you create the Legion Of 30's.
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Ding 50 Dirk! -- Posted by Turk on 05/30/03 at 9:33 PM [Edit]
Dirk dinged 50. Congratulations to Dirk on hitting 50. So make sure to give him a /tell in game wishing him a grats.
Ding 50 Shiftorn! -- Posted by Turk on 05/27/03 at 11:35 AM [Edit]
Shiftorn dinged 50. Congratulations to Shiftorn on hitting 50. So make sure to give him a /tell in game wishing him a grats.
IGN ToA Preview -- Posted by Turk on 05/20/03 at 1:51 AM [Edit]
The Camelot Vault has a new article up previewing the upcoming Trials of Atlantis expansion pack. They have a little bit more info on it. Here is selected bit from the preview:
The Trials of Atlantis expansion will feature 3 new races, including the Half-Ogre, the Albion race which is a hybrid between the Ogres introduced in Shrouded Isles and Humans. There are no new classes being introduced.
And here is another bit talking about the level range for the areas in the expansion:
This is considered a high-level expansion, as most of the content is geared for players level 20 and up. There is some lower level content in the introduction areas, but very little.
The article also briefly mentions the housing expansion and an even briefer mention on the RVR expansion. To read the whole article head over here.
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