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Catacombs Movies -- Posted by Kiltorn on 05/30/04 at 7:26 PM [Edit]
These movies give a better idea of the upgrade that character models are getting, but not only the characters, all mobs are over going this upgrade. Also one vid shows a good deal of what Catacombs is going to look like, down under.
Site Improvements -- Posted by Turk on 05/27/04 at 6:49 AM [Edit]
I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that I will be tweaking the site in the coming weeks. I've recently upgraded my webhosting package and we know have a lot more room to work with. The site now has 1 gig of space to play with and 13000 mb's of bandwidth.

I'm working on improving the screen shot archive. I've decided to switch to a great free PHP script called Gallery. You can take a look at it right here.

Everything there is pretty much good to go and feel free to use it to upload your screen shots. I just need to label and date the existing screens. And then integrate it into the news posting system. Which won't be that hard. It's the sorting out of the old pics that's taking so long.

I also would like everyone in the guild to start thinking about and suggesting domain names for our site. In about a month I would like to get us a domain. So respond in the forum thread for this post with ideas.

Also what does everyone think about the Google Ads that are running at the top of the page next to Kiltorn's wonderful banners? Should we keep the ads or ditch them? Again let me know in the forum thread.
AoD Weekly Comic Strip -- Posted by Kiltorn on 05/23/04 at 11:41 PM [Edit]
Got to pay the bills somehow.
Ding 50 Shamui! -- Posted by Turk on 05/22/04 at 10:11 AM [Edit]
Shamui dinged 50 Friday. Congratulations to Shamui on hitting 50. So make sure to give Shamui a /tell in game wishing him a grats.
AoD Weekly Comic Strip -- Posted by Kiltorn on 05/16/04 at 9:30 PM [Edit]
Its a blast from the not so distant past, the orignal guild village.
New 3D Character Models -- Posted by Kiltorn on 05/15/04 at 8:50 PM [Edit]
One of the new features of Catacombs will be overhaul of the character models, giving them a true 3D textures, instead of the 2D over 3D models. You can see some of the new models at Camelot Vault
agb.jpg ahu.jpg
agy.jpg adr.jpg
*Edit By Turk
Here are a few of those images above for those who don't want to go elsewhere.
Mythic at E3 news. -- Posted by Kiltorn on 05/13/04 at 9:29 PM [Edit]
Some intersting infomation coming from Camelot Vault, there is a background story and video to go along with it, its worth checking out. The video is 150M and depicts different aspects of New Frontiers. The story is quick log of what Catacombs will have to offer, in early December.
AoD Weekly Comic Strip -- Posted by Kiltorn on 05/09/04 at 9:22 PM [Edit]
Its a bird, no, its a plane, no, its another strip.
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