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Ding 50 Sithien! -- Posted by Turk on 05/19/03 at 5:22 AM [Edit]
Sithien dinged 50. Congratulations to Sithien on hitting 50. So make sure to give him a /tell in game wishing him a grats.
Gamespot Expansion Preview -- Posted by Turk on 05/16/03 at 12:30 AM [Edit]
Gamespot has a preview up of the new expansion Trials of Atlantis. They also have page with 83 screen shots from the expansion. Here is a blurb from the end of the preview I found interesting:
The expansion is expected to retail for approximately $30. Mythic will also be releasing a Gold Edition of Dark Age of Camelot, which will also cost about $30 and come bundled with the original game and the Shrouded Isles expansion--plus the two new free downloadable expansions that Mythic will be releasing in the months to come. One is called Foundations, and will introduce player housing to the game. The other is yet unnamed and will revamp the game's unique realm vs. realm gameplay, making it more strategic and engaging.
I wonder what they will do to make rvr "more strategic and engaging" than the zergfest it is now. Hopefully more info will be released before E3 is over with.
ToA Shots -- Posted by Turk on 05/15/03 at 12:11 AM [Edit]
Here are some local copies of the shots from that IGN article.
amb.jpg amc.jpg
amd.jpg ame.jpg
Trials of Atlantis Shots -- Posted by Turk on 05/14/03 at 11:58 PM [Edit]
You have to love when E3 comes around. IGN has some screens up from the Trials of Atlantis expansion and the Housing expansion. Remember if your not an IGN Insider you only can view a few screens a day, so pick and chose carefully which ones you look at.
Ding 50 Albsiegevault! -- Posted by Turk on 05/08/03 at 11:54 PM [Edit]
Albsiegevault dinged 50. Congratulations to Albsiegevault on hitting 50. So make sure to give him a /tell in game wishing him a grats.
New Expansion -- Posted by Turk on 05/05/03 at 3:13 PM [Edit]
Trials of Atlantis is the name of the next expansion pack for Dark Age of Camelot. Here are some of the features it will have:
  • Upgraded graphics engine, providing better visuals and performance even above the Shrouded Isles expansion

  • All new underwater areas, effects, dungeons, and exploration capabilities

  • One new player race per realm

  • Master Levels, a new advancement system that teaches your character new abilities, spells, combat styles, and much more

  • A new Boat system for traveling on the ocean surface of the new Atlantis zones
Check out the Trials of Atlantis site for more info.
Ding 50 Seviann! -- Posted by Turk on 05/04/03 at 12:02 PM [Edit]
Seviann dinged 50. Congratulations to Seviann on hitting 50. So make sure to give him a /tell in game wishing him a grats.
Ding 50 Creetorn! -- Posted by Turk on 05/01/03 at 10:10 AM [Edit]
Creetorn dinged 50. Congratulations to Creetorn on hitting 50. So make sure to give him a /tell in game wishing him a grats.
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