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Guild Meeting Chatlog -- Posted by Turk on 03/03/03 at 12:25 AM [Edit]
The Guild Meeting chatlog is now up in the forums. Head over here to read up on what you missed or to get a reminder of what was discussed.
Guild Meeting Tonight -- Posted by Turk on 03/02/03 at 3:33 PM [Edit]
Don't forget that there is a Guild Meeting at 7:30PM EST tonight. Plan to stick around after the meeting, because if the last meeting is any indication there will be something going on after the meeting.
Ding 50 Leighlyn! -- Posted by Turk on 02/26/03 at 1:56 AM [Edit]
Leighlyn dinged 50 tonight. Congratulations to Leighlyn on hitting 50. So make sure to give her a /tell in game wishing her a grats.
Patch Notes -- Posted by Turk on 02/24/03 at 5:59 AM [Edit]
Here it is the whopping 1.60 patch notes. It's a long one so click Read Full Story to get it all.
Read Full Story...
New Grab Bag -- Posted by Turk on 02/22/03 at 3:13 AM [Edit]
You should know the drill by now. Click the Read Full Story link below.
Read Full Story...
Ding 50 Hansdevauld! -- Posted by Turk on 02/21/03 at 6:10 AM [Edit]
Well Hansdevauld dinged 50 a few day ago. I was down with a nasty cold again and missed this event. Grats to you Hans. If you see Hans in the game give him a /tell and wish him a congratulations.
Guild Meeting -- Posted by Turk on 02/18/03 at 4:13 PM [Edit]
AoD will be having another guild meeting on Sunday March 2nd at 7:30PM. The last guild meeting was very successful at this time so Ppapa will be planning on it again. Major topics will be:

Crafting- Who your crafters are and what they do. This topic will be open to all if they are interested in crafting or getting something crafted. Also will allow you to find out who needs donations to these skills.

Guild Housing- This will be a topic that may come up with in the next 6 months. Ppapa would like to start a plan on obtaining a nice guild house. These are going to be expensive so it would help to get started now.

Guild Events- With the influx of so many new people, these should be really easy to set up so lets do it. This will be basic finding out when would be good nights for these events.

Also due to the amount of frontier activity, the scheduled vault clean did not quite go off as planned so hopefully this can happen also. If enough show, there will be a guild RvR event into our frontier or another depending on where help is needed.

If you have any questions or comments go here.
Milestones Hit! -- Posted by Turk on 02/17/03 at 2:19 AM [Edit]
Congrats to Kiltorn and Hopwil who both hit a major milestone for their characters.

Kiltorn hit 1100 in Armorcrafting becoming our first and only Legendary GrandMaster Armorer.

Hopwil hit level 50 tonight. Big congratulations to him for getting to 50.

Everyone send both Kiltorn and Hopwil a /tell congratulating them.
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AoD holds Crauchon!

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